Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Striking Maximus Coffee Workers Need Your Help!

Our Striking Maximus Coffee Workers are out on the picket line at 3900 Harrisburg, Houston, Texas 77003 (Harrisburg, Milby, Rusk Streets). 

Come on out and give them encouragement. You can even walk picket with them. Bring some water, snacks, juice and yourselves. They will appreciate it very much. They will welcome everyone!

Elected Officials! Now is the time that you can show your support!

If you want to help them with their bills, make your checks payable to the UFCW, Local 455 Hardship Fund, 121 Northpoint, Houston, Texas 77060 and put them in the mail.

You can also call the Maximus owner, Carlos de Aldecoa at 713-545-54230, 832-589-2158, 713-221-9832 and tell him to settle this strike now and NOT cut their pay and benefits. Tell him that you support their fight for fairness. Carlos needs to get the message that he cannot do this to Workers and to Houston's East-End.

Thank you and in solidarity,
Richard C. Shaw

Harris County AFL-CIO Council

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