Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Endorsements in the November Elections

The AFL-CIO has announced its endorsements for the upcoming election featuring 9 constitutional amendments. Dallas ISD will also have an election for dist. 8 of its school board at the same time. The school board is a nonpartisan election. Since we are a political party rather than a charity, endorsements are appropriate.

AFL-CIO ENDORSEMENTS (source: Gene Lantz):

YES on amendment #1 enacting partial or total property tax exemption for spouses of veterans & killed in action

YES on amendment #2 abolishing state medical education board & state medical education fund (these haven't been used in years)

No endorsement on amendment #3 increasing tax exemption for long term storage of aircraft parts

YES on amendment #4 enacting partial property tax exemption for donation of housing to veterans & their surviving spouses

No endorsement on amendment #5 allowing homeowners age 62+ to use reverse mortgages to purchase residences

YES on amendment #6 approving use of rainy day funds for water projects

No endorsement on amendment #7 giving municipalities autonomy on filling city council vacancies w/less than a year to go. Mandatory special elections would no longer be required.

No endorsement on amendment #8 abolishing hospital district in Hidalgo Co.

No endorsement on amendment #9 authorizing State Commission on Judicial Conduct to issue more types of sanctions against judges.

The Socialist Party of Texas joins with the AFL-CIO in making these endorsements.

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