Sunday, November 20, 2011

Socialist Party Nominates Presidential Slate; Texan is on Ticket

The Socialist Party USA National Convention in Los Angeles in October nominated Stewart A. Alexander as its Presidential nominee for the 2012 election.

Alex Mendoza of Fort Worth, Texas, an ex-Marine and owner of a lawn care business, and State Chair of the Socialist Party of Texas, was named as Alexander’s vice-presidential running mate.

Alexander is a resident of Murrieta, California, and he also plans to seek the Peace & Freedom Party’s presidential nomination in his home state. Due to restrictive ballot access l;aws in the state of Texas, the SP ticket will appear as a write-in candidacy.

“As the Occupy Wall Street movement vividly demonstrates, the American people are crying out and demanding change,” said Alexander, adding that he hopes his egalitarian message will serve as lightning rod for those dissatisfied on the Left.

A longtime civil rights activist who once ran for mayor of Los Angeles, the amiable and easy-going Alexander is certainly no stranger to third-party politics. In addition to serving as Brian P. Moore’s vice-presidential co-star on the Socialist ticket in 2008, he was the Peace & Freedom Party’s candidate for lieutenant-governor of California in 2006 and was an unsuccessful candidate for that party’s gubernatorial nomination in 2010, finishing a close second in a three-way contest.

Mendoza's candidacy reflects the first time a Texan has appeared as a nominee for the Socialist Party on a Presidential ticket.

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